Miten Itämeren ekosysteemipalvelut voivat ilmastonmuutoksen paineissa? Lue lisää MARES-projektimme uutiskirjeestä

Uutiskirjeessä kerromme mm. hankkeessa suunnitellusta geoportaalista, tutkimuksen edistymisestä ja esittelemme hankkeen tutkijoita. (in English)

We have just published the first profect newsletter of the BONUS MARES -project. The project observes and monitors ecosystem goods and services in the Baltic Sea Region, specifically of its coastal system threatened by multiple pressures and climate change.

The project creates an extensive literature review on the existing knowledge on marine ecosystem services provided by mussel reefs, submerged vegetation and seagrass beds in the Baltic Sea. BONUS MARES will also create spatial models on their existence under differing future scenarios taking into account, for example, eutrophication and climate change effects.

Please read the newsletter by clicking the picture below! You'll also find lots of additional information about the project in our website

The coordinator of the project is PTT economist Maurizio Sajeva.