Reliable economic research is vital for a renewing Finland

Pellervo economic research PTT is a research institute that produces objective research about the economy for political decision-makers, companies and organizations. Our main research topics are national economy and housing, agricultural and food economy, forestry and environmental economics.


We publish annually reports, working papers and other scientific publications. The publications are usually available in Finnish only, with an abstract in English.

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We publish annually short-term forecasts about the national economy, agricultural economy, forestry and housing markets. The forecasts are usually available in Finnish only.

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A respected expert of applied economic research

PTT has a personnel of over 30 professionals of economics and other disciplines. Together we constitute a unique and versatile research hub.


Over 40 years of experience

Our goal: advancing national well-being and prosperity

Our mission is to advance the well-being and prosperity of Finland and its people, and ensure the balanced and just development of the Finnish economy.