27. Women in Agriculture. A Study of Equality and the Position of Women Engaged in Agriculture in Finland in 1980

Pirjo Siiskonen – Annamari Parviainen – Tapani Köppä. WOMEN IN AGRICULTURE. A STUDY OF EQUALITY AND THE POSITION OF WOMEN ENGAGED IN AGRICULTURE IN FINLAND IN 1980. Raportteja ja artikkeleita 27. ISBN 051-9083-28-6. ISSN 0357-7384. A research project surveying the position of women engaged in agriculture was undertaken by Pellervo Economic Research Institute in the beginning of 1980 upon the initiative of the Council for Equality between Men and Women functioning within the Office of Prime Minister. This study aims to envestigate the position of women working in agriculture and inequalities encountered both on the farm and in society. Farm conditions are surveyed from an equality perspective through a comparison of the position of the farmwife and the farmer.