107b. The Less-Favoured Areas Support System in the EC and its Applicability to Finland

Tuomas Kuhmonen – Jaap H. Post – Dirk Strijker – Ida J. Terluin. 1992. THE LESS-FAVOURED AREAS SUPPORT SYSTEM IN THE EC AND ITS APPLICABILITY TO FINLAND. Raportteja ja artikkeleita 107b. ISBN 951-8950-19-9, ISSN 0357-7384. In line with the application for membership in the European Community (EC) is the need for evaluating the future in Finland. One subject of special interest is the adaption of existing Community policies in a possible new member state. Agriculture is the sector with the most extensive and deep integration in the Community, with many common regulations on market arrangements, support systems and competition rules. On the other hand, Finland deviates remarkably from the present member states, especially in agricultural and regional questions. Therefore, the only true Community instrument for regional agricultural policy, concerning basic agriculture, has a special status from the Finnish point of niew. It is an instrument created to keep the regions more in the same line despite their natural handicaps.