Metsäalan tutkimusryhmä
10 toukokuu 2019

Hanke: BONUS MARES observes and monitors ecosystem goods and services in the Baltic Sea Region, specifically of its coastal system threatened by multiple pressures and climate change. This will be done by an extensive literature review on the existing knowledge on marine ecosystem services provided by mussel reefs, submerged vegetation and seagrass beds in the Baltic Sea. BONUS MARES will create spatial models on their existence under differing future scenarios taking into account, for example, eutrophication and climate change effects.
Kesto: 10/2018-3/2020


The final goal of the project is to provide an interface that links science to society and policy, and thereby supports policy makers with scientific evidence upon which critical decisions can be made. This way the principle of accountability is adequately implemented.


BONUS, the joint Baltic Sea research and development programme for years 2010-2017, was started by the BONUS member states together with the EU


PTT, University of Tartu, GEOMAR, e2

Hankkeen Vastuullinen johtaja:

Maurizio Sajeva

Hankkeen muut tutkijat:

Jonne Kotta, Anneliis Peterson (EMI), Thorsten Reusch, Melanie Heckwolf (GEOMAR), Paula Horne, Olli-Pekka Ruuskanen (PTT), Kaisa Karttunen, Anni Savikurki (e2).