Failing to develop a sense of ownership: a study in the consumer cooperative context. Cogent Business and Management (2018)

18 tammikuu 2019

  • Antti Paavali Talonen, Iiro Jussila, Pasi Tuominen, Lasse Koskinen & Len Tiu Wright (2018) Failing to develop a sense of ownership: A study in the consumer co-operative context, Cogent Business & Management, 5:1, 1-20

    Abstract Emerging interest in psychological ownership in the domain of marketing calls for better understanding of situations wherein the customers are also the owners of the company. Accordingly, psychological ownership has been proposed to capture the intimate link between customer-owners and the cooperative. However, empirical research has found a diluted relationship between customer-owners and cooperatives in practice. The paper examines empirical data from customer-owners of a Finnish retail cooperative for insight into the factors that prevent feelings of psychological ownership from emerging. By means of thematic analysis, the study identified nine challenges and several distinct reasons for them.

    Keywords psychological ownership, consumer cooperative, cooperative